Sunday, September 8, 2013

Carpenter Creek Run-off

This photo was originally taken during the last week of June during a Cessna flight we did with a friend. I forgot to post it at the time. It shows New Denver, and the mouth of Carpenter Creek flush with spring runoff muddied by significant erosion upstream, presumably in the Sandon area where there is considerable instability of the creek banks. A similar photo that we took has taken on a life of its own as an advocacy tool for various environmental stewardship groups who are trying to draw attention to the issues in Sandon.

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Linda said...

Fantastic shot - must have been an exciting flight. We always try to spot our house on commercial flights in to Edinburgh, which is great fun.

I think I can make out the school, the park and the hospital. What became of your garden beside the lake - are you still cultivating it?

The orderly grid pattern is very striking, in contrast to the British muddle of streets we're used to.