Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nature Boy 4 -- below the highway

It's now an huge mass of soil, bark, twigs, trunks and branches ... and snow, huge amounts of snow, insulated under the debris and therefore not melting at all quickly. Normally this area is a precipitous slope of evergreens like what can be seen beyond it, not a huge level bench of brown stuff.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nature Boy 3 -- the aftermath

Here is the main runout of the Nature Boy avalanche that occurred in January. Most of the debris spilled across to the low side of the highway, or has been cleared away to there, but you can see some of the bark and smaller stuff in the foreground of this photo.

You can certainly see where the debris came from. The slope has been stripped of trees for some distance up. Some leaners remain near the edge of the swath. They'll likely fall as the snow melts and the spring runoff proceeds.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Galena Trail to Alamo

The old K&S Railway line, built in 1895 to serve the booming silver mining town Sandon, is now a linear non-motorized recreational trail. The Galena Trail runs gradually uphill along the shore of Slocan Lake, and then heads inland alongside Carpenter Creek in to the mountains towards Alamo, Three Forks and Sandon, abandoned towns from mining boom times.

This photo looks towards New Denver from above Carpenter Creek, which can be seen far below. The mountains of Valhalla Provincial park are in the distance.