Sunday, May 24, 2009


It's called Denver Canyon even though it's a thousand miles from Denver. Carpenter Creek heads down the mountain from Bear and Fish Lakes, past Three Forks, where it collects Cody Creek from Sandon and Kane Creek from the north, eventually emptying into the lake near the bridge from which I've been photographing it every week. Before it reaches New Denver, though, it runs through Denver Canyon, a narrow bottleneck cut deep into the rock. The original power generating station which supplied New Denver until the 1950's was built here. The Galena Trail runs right along the precipice overlooking the gorge. In typical BC fashion there's no guard-rail. Somewhere there's a tastefully understated sign warning of a steep drop-off and that's all. It's probably 60 metres or more straight down over the edge of the concrete retaining wall here.

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