Tuesday, February 24, 2009

V0G 2B0

Canada's postal codes are in the form A1A 1A1 with the first letter denoting province or territory, extending east to west. Out here in BC our codes begin with V. People who live in cities typically have a range of numbers in their postal code. The Ontario street where I grew up was N2H 4N4. However in rural parts of the country the postal codes all end in zero, and often the remaining digits are zeros and ones, leading to codes that can be said like words. Our code here is V0G 1S0, pronounced in our household as "vojisso." We pick up our mail at the post office in New Denver. If you live in a Silverton, you'll pick up your mail here, where your postal code will be V0G 2B0, or "vojtobow," which I remember as "vegetable." Mailboxes are the place to post about late-breaking community events, like a Giant Garage Sale on Saturday.

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Lindab said...

I have really to concentrate when writing Canadian postcodes, as they're almost the same as ours in the UK, but now quite - that format 'letter number letter' to begin with catches me out every time, used as I am to 'letter letter number'!