Saturday, November 1, 2008

House-front businesses

In our village residents with artistic skill or a service or business idea to offer don't need to fuss with zoning and acquiring commercial property. If they have a home near where other businesses are and where people tend to congregate, they just create a space within the home for their business. Tamara and Curtis run this gallery / workshop / store / café near the main intersection in town. Some days there's a hair stylist who works out of a back room too. Their main product is hand-painted garments inspired by Japanese style and motifs. Nuru means "paint" in Japanese. Curtis has roots in the Japanese community here.

There's an enclosed porch with a few café tables, and the coffee and snacks are divine. One summer this place was the official tourist information office. Nowadays it's just an unofficial place for tourists and locals alike to gather local knowledge.

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